Thursday, January 17, 2008

It is finished.

Well it took a while, but the living room's wood floor is finally finished. This week we put in the final corner, finished the border that goes around the room, and set it up so that when we are ready, we can start flooring the dining room. Next flooring project: the upstairs hall and the steps.

I can't stop …

So we left our renovation site (home) for our Christmas break and went down to Georgia. Obviously, though, construction is now in our blood. What did we do for most of our break? Yes, you guessed it, we built stuff. Cindy's mom was in definite need of shelves for her collection of books. They were all so improperly stored in many cardboard boxes. So with the very generous loan of tools from extended local family and lots of work, the books are now properly displayed and stored on her new bookcase, featuring 20 fixed shelves and 15 adjustable shelves, in her new reading room. We did not have time to do the finishing touches, so we will have to go down to add molding and to paint the adjustable shelves. For the meantime, though, we rest content that the books have a proper resting place.

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