Saturday, October 27, 2018

"Humans are also not like cats, or dogs, or even apes"

I was driving down the road, heading to teach an 8:00 class about a decade ago. For some reason I was listening to NPR and heard the following comments on a segment entitled "Think You're Multitasking? Think Again":

"These are the things that make us the most human," Weissman said. "We are not like jellyfish — it's not like when you poke us, we always do the same thing."

Humans are also not like cats, or dogs, or even apes, when it comes to controlling how our brain responds, and what it responds to.
Here is yet again data that points to the fact that we are not like any other animal because we were not created to be like them. Unfortunately, many in the evolutionary biology community will look at this data and use their presuppositions to reinterpret the data from an evolutionary perspective. Weissman, didn't miss a beat ...:
Weissman says this skill probably evolved to help humans — who are pretty vulnerable, physically — to do things like hunt animals that are bigger and stronger.
It is true: evolution is a religion!

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