Wednesday, December 13, 2006

... so what are we going to talk about?

I figured we'd talk about everything. Because of who I am in Christ I love to talk theology, Scripture, textual criticism, and anything having to do with the body of Christ: the church. Because of my training (aerospace engineering) I love technology (Brandi, you can stop singing now ... ;-). Which brings us to the next topic: great quotes. As I run across some, I'll post them. Also, Cindy and I have just bought a house that we are remodeling so I'll put updates and related links. Cindy and I have two beloved dogs, thus dogs have to be included in this list. Finally, I reserve the right to talk about anything else, after all this is my blog.

BTW - I'm multilingual, so I figured this blog should be also ... dunque se vuolete scrivere qualcosa in Italiano ou si vous voulez écrire en Français, be my guest. As for me, I'll try to translate for our anglophonic friends.



t_stancil said...

Hey Mael,

Welcome to the blogging world. I'm glad you have jumped in. By the way, I'm not so much Anglophonic as I am Francophobic. :)

Take care,

Maël said...

Theron -

So are you Francophobic or are you Francochallenged?

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