Sunday, July 1, 2007

Karma - doing good deeds to counteract the bad

In this day in time, terrorists are getting a really bad rap. Many see them as monsters, but after all, they feel like they are real people. Some of them also have some spiritual concerns: karma is fast on the heels of some, Allah is watching over the works of others, and some are afraid of what the pope might say.

Bottom line, many have burning consciences and are trying to make things right. You never know when a terrorist will help you carry your groceries to your car or open the door for you. For example, this morning I got up and found the unibomber mowing my grass (see the picture to the right).

All jokes aside ... it took over 5 hrs for Cindy to cut the whole front and back yard. The dogs love the yard, but it's about time that they start learning how to push that mower!


Evelyne Disseau said...


Pensavo che fosse un alien. Adesso ho capito che é una società di disinfestazione di topi e scarafaggi ...

La mamma

Steve Sensenig said...

Yeah, what she said ;) (What DID she say?! hehe)

Maël said...

Thanks for reminding me to translate it Steve. BTW - I'm about to get out of blogernation ... give me a week or two.

Translation of comment 1.

Sigh of relief!

I thought it was an alien. Now I understand that it is a mouse and cockroach extermination company ...

The mamma

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