Friday, May 23, 2008


Well, it is official now. I have my Master of Divinity with Pastoral Ministries and Biblical Languages. Cindy's mom and Bro. Ronny were able to come up for the ceremony. Tonight we get together with other graduates from Messiah and a bunch of friends to share in the life and celebrate.


Alan Knox said...

Congratulations! I wish we could be there.


Eric said...



We are so happy for you that you have finished. What joy and relief. We wish we could be there with you all to celebrate. Please give our love to Cindy.

In Christ, Eric

Lew A said...



Evelyne Disseau said...

Bella la foto!
Ne metterete altre su Facebook? Così potremo partecipare anche noi, anche se da lontano e dopo l'evento!
la mamma

Maël said...


Nice picture!
Will you upload others to Facebook? That way we will be able to participate, even though we are far away and were not there for the actual event!

la mamma

Maël said...

Thank you all.

Maman, tentero' di mettere le foto su facebook, ma ci mettero' un po.


Nicole McCurdy said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for you and Cindy. You are finally a non-student. Wish we could of been there with you to celebrate.

The McCurdy's

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've ever known you when you weren't a student, but I still love you and I'm very proud of you!

I enjoyed everything about my visit with y'all except that it just wasn't long enough; but once I retire.... :) Thank you to you and Cindy for being so sweet, for feeding me so well, and especially for sharing your wonderful friends - I love them, too!

The Mama

(Why on earth didn't somebody make me take off that sweater before the picture was made!?!?!?!)

Aussie John said...

Maël ,

Congratulations. I have to disagree with the comments of others.

NOW, you BEGIN to be a student.

God bless!

Sean Daily said...

Awesome! "Biblical Languages" in the plural!!! Glad to see you included Hebrew...what a beautiful tongue.

I also agree with the Aussie, you only just begun!


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