Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great sandals ...

During the summer, I like to wear sandals with my shorts. I tend to be rough on clothes, and my last pair of sandals needed to be replaced. So, my wife convinced me to buy a pair of Keen Newport Sandals, even though I thought that they were UGLY, and still do, but I went along with her and agreed to buy them and try them. At first, they felt tight, but after a day or two of walking in Paris, they formed to my foot and became quite comfortable (BTW - after you machine wash them, they get tight again). To be honest, though, I really was not 100% sold on them until we took a 4 1/2 hour hike in the French Alps, going from an altitude of about 4300 ft to an altitude of about 6600 ft. They did great! They were very comfortable; they had a very good grip on/in: trails, rocks, icy-cold streams, grass, wet grass, and even snow; ... I really have no complaints.

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