Monday, April 20, 2009

Construction in Community - take two

Alleluia! Thanks to several friends who came to help on April 18th, the siding on the east side of our home is basically finished! We still have to finish the siding on the little storage room, but the daunting, huge wall is done. Well ... the vent at the top is rotten, so we will have to fix it (we'll probably have to use a 40' ladder for it; does anybody have access to one we can use?), but ... the siding on the daunting, huge wall is done!

Here is a montage of people worshiping God by serving others. Enjoy!


Evelyne Disseau said...

compliments à tous! J'ai vraiment tremblé en vous voyant sur ces immenses échelles!!!
la mamma

Maël said...


My compliments to all. I really trembled seeing y'all on those huge ladders.
la mamma

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