Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ordination - Analysis and Discussion of the Biblical Data - Intro

As mentioned in the introduction, I tried to approach this series in a scientific method. After all I learned how to do research in the Combustion Laboratory of the School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. Therefore, now that I have presented the Biblical data, with a minimum of analysis, I can now analyze and discuss it, and then, finally, present a proposal based on this summary.

So ... looking at the Biblical data there are two constants which can be seen: there is a clear pattern of commissioning, but there is little agreement on the concept of ordination. Let us discuss them one at a time. In the next post we will start discussing the clear pattern of commissioning. Then we will discuss the lack of pattern of the concept of ordination. In the mean time, be thinking of what patterns do you see from the data.

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