Thursday, May 5, 2011

Determining the will of God and Newtonian Physics

I was walking on SWBTS campus the other day thinking about what God is doing in our lives. For years now, Cindy and I have decided to wait and stay put, or to keep on going in the same direction, until we are sure that God is changing things. Then, it occurred to me that there is a parallel there with Newtonian physics (I am currently teaching Dynamics and Vibrations at TCU, so physics is on my mind). You see, according to Newton's first law of motion, an object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion (with a given trajectory, etc.) unless acted upon by an external force.

We do not know what God has in store for us after SWBTS, but I know that I am supposed to be here, so we will wait here and continue on our trajectory, until He applies a force on us and moves us somewhere else. How about you? Are you rushing ahead of God, or are you waiting on Him?


Blue Fly Journal said...

Very important and timely question. I have an opportunity to move into a position for which I am well suited but to which I do not feel know what I mean...that question I keep asking the Holy Spirit: Why did I spend all those years in seminary to manage air condiioning service for a company that certainly has no intention of honoring God. Where is my pulpit?
Then I remember that "I" have no pulpit and bondage in Egypt may be "Moses and 10 miracles" away from being over.
The meditation of my heart for this week has been inspired by Gadamer and my reflections on the picture I came away with when I studied him with Sailhamer for a few weeks in my last best days at SEBTS... God holds us responsible for those things He has embedded in us both personally and in us as a community. That's why Jesus is able to tell the biological sons of Abraham that they are sons of the devil; they have intentionally neglected and excluded resurrection from their "theology." Even the Pharisees had become practical atheists and worse than pagans because they denied that Jesus IS the resurrection and the life and is NOT a system or process.

Evelyne Disseau said...

ce doit être pour cette raison que nous sommes encore à Milan malgrè toutes les difficultés que nous devons affronter... ou bien nous ne savons pas "écouter" les difficultés qui voudraient dire au contraire de tout abandonner?
(change SWBTS au début, car le link porte www.blogger qui empêche d'y accéder.)
la mamma

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