Thursday, November 3, 2011

Camillo Renato on Scripture

... Scripture, which having survived until now by the providence of God and by the movement of the Holy Spirit and through the work of the apostles, is a weapon sufficient to save us and to inform us all the necessary things, useful and central and final things of the christian doctrine and customs. It is sufficient to defend ourselves from the bad doctrines of Satan and the Antichrist and does not need new voices, or new discourses, or deductions, or other curiosities, which give birth to contentions and schisms in the company of Christ. It is founded on the word and doctrine of its head and prince Jesus Christ our lord and does not try to extend beyond the designated terms so that, if lost, it would not be pulled into error by Satan.

This is my quick translation of a quote found in Camillo Renato, "Trattato del Battesimo e della Santa Cena," in Camillo Renato and Antonio Rotondò, Opere: Documenti e Testimonianze, Corpus Reformatorum Italicorum, edited by Luigi Firpo and Giorgio Spini (Firenze: G. C. Sansoni, 1968), 108.

While Renato is usually identified as a spiritualist, I thought this was a very good quote on Scripture.

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Maël said...

After much study and a doctoral dissertation on Camillo Renato, I have come to the conclusion that he was more of an Anabaptist than anything else.

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