Friday, February 2, 2007

Second snow of the year ...

Well ... yesterday it snowed again! It came down harder than last time, but did not stick as much. I got to stay home from work: I slept in, spent some good time in Bible study and scripture memorization, got some school reading done, and got some work done on the house. As for the dogs ... as you can see, they loved to play in the snow ... just like kids.


The Paynes said...

so, fess up - did you and Cindy run out and make snow angels?

Maël said...

To be honest ... I did not even think about it ... but had I thought about, I probably would have forgone the possibility due to the limited amount of snow covering the not so limited amount of mud.
How about y'all?

The Paynes said...

Being "mid-westerners", we find it difficult to get excited about a little dusting of snow. We were pretty lame and stayed in for most of the day!

Alan Knox said...

We were VERY excited about the snow! Being southerners from the deep, real south, we get excited about one snowflake and expect the governor to declare a state of emergency. When we see the first snowflake, we immediately go buy bread and milk and drive our car into the ditch.

Honestly, I was hoping they would close the office so I could spend time with my family.


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